Barros Island

Barros Island

Baros Island is a luxurious resort based island developed by the Maldivian administration. For the convenience of the tourists, the island has been developed as a beautiful tourist destination. Baros Island tops the list of maritime regions in all of India. The weather here is good almost all year round. And so at any time of the year, this Barros Island is a place of choice for travel lovers. Resort Island is famous for its honeymoon. However, the cost will not be much less if you go to Baros, you have to spend a lot to stay one night.

How to get there
A 25-minute drive from Malra Mall International Airport, the capital of the Maldives, to Baros. If you want to go to Barros Island, first you have to go to Maldives by plane from Dhaka. From the airport you have to go by speed boat or ferry to Barros. If you book in advance at any resort on Barros Island, they will greet you and take you from the airport.

How to visit Baros Island

Tourists flock to this island to spend a quiet and secluded time away from the busy life of the city. Although Baros is a small island but there are many exciting opportunities to experience here. The spas and meditation centers here are a combination of spiritual meditation and nature. So nature lovers will not miss this opportunity if they go here.

There are basic diving courses for those who are afraid of water or those who are afraid of diving. And those who already know how to dive will be able to enjoy an unimaginable opportunity to dive in the lagoon of the island. No tourist wants to miss the golden opportunity of snorkeling on Barros Island in Maldives. Snorkeling is a wonderful ride to see the life and beauty of marine fauna in the deep water. If you want and have the opportunity again, you can go to the site house 15 km away and see the coral reef. There are several more islands near Barros Island. You can also turn around from there with time.

Here you can see the coral habitat in the clear water of the sea, the waves of the rough sea, turtles and various kinds of colorful fish give a different kind of pleasure to the tourists. The beaches, villas and private pools on the water here have been arranged with various arrangements for tourists to stay.

There is a marine center where you can learn about marine animals, their environment and habitat. There is a little program for coral regeneration and conservation, guests or tourists can pay for the preservation of coral reefs and join the Marine Center Coral Planting Project.

Barros Island offers a variety of water sports such as water skiing, water boarding, wind surfing and canoeing. Every ride is full of adventure and so these rides are at the top of the tourist’s choice. You can arrange these water sports as per your package.


It costs a lot to stay in Barros Island, to stay here in the resort you have to spend 30,000-1,00,000 rupees depending on the quality, facilities and booking time of the resort. However, if one is somewhere other than Baroses, the cost is less, but the pleasure of seeing and walking will be much less. If you stay in Baros for 2 nights and 3 days including travel, it will cost Rs. However, the cost of different rides is different, in some resorts, if you take the package of sightseeing with the ride, the cost will be a little less. And if you calculate coming and going from Bangladesh, you have to add the airfare here.

Where and what to eat

There are several good quality restaurants to eat at Barros Island. For example, Lime Restaurant (you can eat seafood here but you will get a slightly different twist on the dishes), Light House Restaurant (this is the only place in the whole of Maldives where good quality wine and other specialties are available which are not available anywhere else). There are also a variety of salads, anti-pastries and tablets that can be eaten with a variety of sauces.

Where to stay

Numerous resorts are lined up near the beach. Every resort has good arrangements for accommodation and food. The resort has various facilities including private pool, private balcony, private garden. However, you can stay at other resorts far from Barros Island at a relatively low cost.

Some tips

  • Baros resorts have packages of sightseeing with meals.
  • A coral regeneration project is underway on Baros Island in the Maldives, so try to be very careful not to cause any damage to the coral species.
  • The Maldives is a hospitable country, so there is a lot of respect here at every resort.
  • Try to avoid vacation or peak season as it will reduce both cost and crowds.
  • The cost is relatively higher in private islands than in islands within the city.
  • Dollars can be used in Maldives so there is no need to exchange dollars.
  • Free calls from Maldives Airport Information Center.
  • It is better to stay in Maldives city on the day you go to Maldives, because the private islands are far away.
  • Everything in the Maldives has a tax rate of 25% for which everything is expensive.
  • If you choose food from the local menu of Maldives then the cost will be less.

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