Help for families in need

Help for families in need

The family is a social institution where one father lives and one mother. The new generation comes from these parents. In the same way that mothers have responsibilities in the family, fathers also have many responsibilities. Because babies don’t just learn from their mothers, They pay close attention to their father’s behavior. So if a family has children, From an early age he began to think of himself as his father. Growing up he wanted to be a man like his father.

So when Dad returns home after a long day’s work, he gets hot rice on the table, and the house is tidy. He never once in 365 days of the year holds the hand of his beloved wife sitting at home all day and says that you have come into my life as a blessing, I wouldn’t be able to organize my life without you, I owe you.

On the contrary, when the father returned home, he could not get anything fixed or started shouting about the trivial incident with the man named Ma. At an early age, children are afraid of their father’s shouting and hide behind their mother. Mother seems to be his only safe haven then.

As these children grow older, the girl of the house understands her mother’s grief and thinks of herself in her mother’s place, holding her mother’s hand and sitting next to her. Let mom feel I am by your side. But the son of the house does not realize the pain of the mother, Because long ago he put himself in his father’s place.

So the mother’s suffering or abandonment and the father’s neglect of the mother does not seem unfair to her. In the real world, lumbering elephants are exposed by the aggression of speeding midgets. Whether he marries with the consent of his parents or marries the girl of his choice, he cannot get out of this habit.

It is also seen in the case of foreigners, When a girl falls in love with a stranger, the woman or girl just wants to have a separate family with the man named the father, but she does not reach out to her illegitimate boyfriend’s son. But when a boy falls in love with a stranger, He is not only satisfied with that one woman, he looks after that woman / mother and then the little girl of that house. She is like her own daughter and she doesn’t stop here. She wants all the other girls in the house to taste the curry. Not even the housemaid gets rid of that alluring sight. I’m not a feminist, I am a man first then a woman.

A boy is responsible for 80% of the misery of today’s society because his father never taught him how to respect girls. That’s why I’m telling a man named Dad, Take a look at yourself in the mirror, How much you respect and appreciate the people in your family. Because a new generation boy is looking at you. That is your reflection.

I am not writing this to hurt anyone personally. It is seen from the society around me. Whether it is Bangladesh or this distant England, the picture is the same everywhere. When a woman is circumcised, only the father moves away. But when a boy commits adultery, the whole world breaks up because of his ugly behavior. A mother can give a good generation only when her beloved husband gives her 100% helping hand and respects her. Parents are no substitute. Everyone has their own responsibilities. So let us all purify ourselves not only for our own benefit but also for the benefit of the whole society. I respect everyone as a human being. Be it the beloved wife or the housemaid. Your child will get the look of your honor, And we will have a clean society.


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