How to better understand your partner

How to better understand your partner

I have been watching the child standing in the window of the front building for a long time. He is looking through the gap in the window, far-sighted. Helplessness and indifference in his gaze. Maybe he’s just saying, ‘I want to be free, I want to play football in the mud, I want to ride a bike, I want to make a colorful kite and fly in the sky, I want to walk in the forest field ‘! That’s why it should be, Childhood is not about confining oneself to four walls or seeing the sky through a gap in the grill.

No, the blue sky doesn’t see them, Do not touch the green grass and their feet. They feel that no one tells grandma’s bag or fairy tale. They were shown cartoons and were given video games. Our urban civilization is largely responsible for this. There are no adequate playgrounds or children’s recreation centers. Due to the busy schedule of the parents, the child may not be given enough time. However, the family has to take the responsibility for the proper development of the child’s childhood. In this case, you can take care of some things.

  • You can take your child for a walk during the holidays. When traveling, choose a place where he can enjoy. Zoo, children’s park, museum can be on the list of favorites.
  • Talk to the baby at leisure. Listen carefully to his wishes.
  • Let him do what he loves to do. Encourage her choice. Make him interested instead of insisting on studying.
  • Do not scold or intimidate the child. It can hurt their minds.
  • Do not quarrel in front of the baby. When parents quarrel, children suffer from depression which stays with them later on.
  • Your behavior has a profound effect on his or her mental state. So behave nicely in front of the baby.
  • Playing games or watching cartoons for a long time can lead to mental and physical health problems of the child.
  • Complications can occur, including vision loss, headaches, restlessness, and hypersensitivity.
  • A study of children in Japan found that Children who regularly watch cartoons have a much higher risk of heart disease. In this research, the researchers saved the ‘Pok√©mon’ cartoon which was broadcast. And referred to it as a risky violent cartoon. Watching such cartoons can lead to violent attitudes in children. So keep children away from watching such cartoons.
  • Get your child into the habit of reading books. You can read various educational story books.
  • Instill human qualities in the child. Make him interested in public works.
  • Punctuality, perseverance and teaching these things to the child from an early age.
  • If you notice any negative things in the child, explain it to him nicely, not by gossiping.
  • Make it easy for your child to have a good relationship with his parents so that he can speak his mind freely.
  • Make the child interested in physical exercise. Give 15-20 minutes of sports and running every day. This will keep his body and mind healthy.
  • The family is called primary school.
  • The family has no choice but to develop the child’s childhood and make him an ideal human being. So understand him, listen to him and give him the gift of a happy childhood.


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