How to stop someone from blackmailing you

How to stop someone from blackmailing you

We all know what Blackmail is. In white Bengali, If someone has any personal information or image of yours that would be published, it would be detrimental to your social status And if someone wants to do something against your will for fear of exposing it, That is called blackmail. Are you a victim of blackmail? However, the article is for you! Before we go into the legal issues of being a victim of blackmail, let us know a few things from the police experience.

Police experience
1) Doubt whether there will be anyone in our society who has no other form inside. This form is not very glorious in most cases. We are human We all have personal lives – In this personal life, sometimes we do a lot of things that Unconventional social norms and in some cases unjust.

2) We regret our actions because of age or delusion And for the most part, I avoid these mistakes and re-enter the journey of life.

3) The problem is then,

When a person wants to ruin our present and future by taking advantage of these mistakes made in the past. It sometimes happens out of greed for money, Or to justify violence.

4) Our society is also full of hypocrisy. We all face the opportunity to crush that misfortune under the ground with the opportunity of past mistakes. Don’t even think for a second, Even if I don’t make such a mistake myself, someone in my family can make it.

5) Suicide as a victim of this kind of blackmail is a daily occurrence in our country. What is the misfortune of the so-called mistakes of the past without the ruthless way!

What to do if you are a victim of blackmail

Now let’s talk about work. If you are a victim of this type of blackmail, However, follow the steps below:

A) The thing to keep in mind at the beginning is- you are not a criminal, Victim. It’s not your fault. Keep your head up. You left your past behind, It’s not your fault if any cowardly barbarian wants to take advantage of it.

B) The customary law of the land is entirely in your favor. According to Section 373 of the Penal Code of 180, in white Bengali, Any form of blackmail can be subject to extortion or extortion, According to section 374, the maximum penalty is imprisonment for three years, with or without fine.

If anyone wants to harm you through the internet / Facebook, see the law –

According to the Section 57 of the ordinance, if any person deliberately publishes any material in electronic form that causes to deteriorate law and order, prejudice the image of the State or person or causes to hurt religious belief the offender will be punished for maximum 14 years and minimum 7 years imprisonment. It also suggested that the crime is non-bailable.

You saw right. If someone posts an offensive picture of you on Facebook, feel free to sue, If proven, you will get the benefit of free meals at the “State Guest House” for a minimum of 6 years. It is a non-bailable offense. You can complain by e-mail to this address. If necessary, you can come to the office of the Counter Terrorism Division of the DMP. Screenshots of related symptoms, Requires links, audio / video files or related documents, So take a screenshot with the URL of the Address Bar.

C) When you realize you are a victim of blackmail, Don’t be afraid to seek help from people close to you. Inform the family if necessary. In most cases in our country the family hesitates to inform. Know that your family is your biggest hope in your worst times. They may suffer because of your past mistakes, But when the initial push is cut, they will come forward with your help, it is almost 100 percent sure.

D) I repeat what I said at the beginning, Don’t lose your temper or blame yourself. Blackmailing is a heinous crime, No matter how small the so-called society may be, you will get help according to the law. Protest against injustice by ignoring the eyes and foreheads of the masked rabbis of the society, Take legal help.

Remember, “Every saint has a past and every sinner has a future.” Your awareness and cooperation as a good citizen is highly desirable.


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