sudden neck and shoulder pain

sudden neck and shoulder pain

After waking up, Shaila started shaking her neck. Thought it would get better after a while, But as the day progressed, the pain and discomfort began to increase. When you move the neck from side to side, the muscles feel tense. Even after a few days when his neck pain did not subside, Then he fell into thought. We all have more or less the same condition as Shaila. But why is this sudden neck pain? What is the way to get rid of it? Learn more about this from a physiotherapy consultant and gerontologist.

Why is there pain in the neck?

In this age of information technology, we spend most of the day sitting in front of electronic devices There may not be any immediate damage, And that is why we do not give importance to this issue. But these factors are largely responsible for neck pain. There may be other reasons for neck pain. Let’s talk about the reasons we don’t know-

1) One of the reasons for neck pain is not sitting in a chair properly. Usually when we sit we do not sit with our spine straight. The head is often tilted forward. This can lead to long-term neck pain.

চেয়ারে সঠিকভাবে না বসায় ঘাড়ে ব্যথা

2) If you keep the neck down for a long time while using computer or mobile, the neck may become stiff and painful.

3) Many people do not sit properly while watching television. The neck is also in an unusual position. Which also causes pain.

4) Many people can not sleep without extra pillows. Neck pain can start from such misuse of pillow during sleep.

5) If women bend down and cut the pot, there may be permanent pain in the neck.

6) Leaning forward and working for a long time, the neck muscles become stiff. The result is neck pain.

7) Sitting in extreme heat can cause neck pain or problems moving the neck.

8) If you get a neck injury, if the muscle is suddenly torn or sprained, it hurts.

9) Spondylosis, neck bone or disc problems, spinal canal stenosis, cervical rib, neuritis, sister T-B, these diseases are also the cause of neck pain.

10) Neck injury or trauma, even if the muscle is partially or completely torn.

11) Stress and anxiety can often cause pressure on the neck muscles, which can cause neck pain.

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Ways to get rid of pain

If you have neck pain, you have to be careful from the beginning. In order to avoid neck pain or if there is pain, some rules have to be followed to get rid of it-

1) Regular neck exercises should be done to reduce neck pain. There are some exercises for the neck, such as head rotation. Try to do the exercise in between work.

2) You have to sit in the correct posture while working on the computer. The back should be seated in a chair. You can use a small pillow or cushion on the back while sitting. The back will be straight. Sit in such a way that the top of the computer screen is at a lower height than the eyeball. Should sit about one hand or eighteen inches away from the electrical device. You have to stand up for one minute every half an hour.

3) When sleeping, just sleep with a pillow. The sleeping posture should be just right. Not upside down, You have to lie on your back or tilt. Usually many people sleep with their head on a very high pillow. Many again use very thin pillows. Some people lie down on the sofa while watching TV at night. These must be refrained from.

সঠিক পজিশনে ঘুম

4) If you have frequent neck pain, use Survival Pillow.

5) If you can not bear the pain, you can take analgesic medicine as advised by the doctor.

Quick solution to reduce pain

In case of sudden neck pain, apply ice on the sore spot. Applying ice 3/4 times a day will reduce the pain. If the pain is prolonged, apply hot compresses to the affected area, This will relieve some of the pain. But remember, long-term neck pain should be treated quickly. Otherwise the problem will get more and more complicated. Another thing is to keep your body straight while walking. Do not bend the neck, bend or bend. Neck pain can be due to various reasons in daily life. But whatever the reason, Of course, he has to try to know that and treat accordingly.

You must ask your physiotherapist how often and how to exercise to reduce neck pain. Excessive exercise can increase pain. Seek the advice of a specialist physiotherapist for what might be the right exercise for you. Be aware, stay healthy.


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