Ways to live life happily

Ways to live life happily

I have been watching for a long time that the man will cross the road and go to the front lane but the road is not being crossed. I went to the window to see what happened, from where it can be seen directly across the street. The man is taking his three / four year old son to play.

Scooty in one hand, holding the father’s pants in the other hand (because he didn’t get his father’s hand). The man has a boy’s football in one hand and a mobile in his other hand. Due to lack of third hand, the man could not cross the road with his son. If there was another hand, he would have crossed the road holding the boy’s hand for so long.

Those who do not have the opportunity to hold the boy’s hand after leaving the phone on the afternoon of the holiday, They are like me or you in a corporate office job and the only earner in the world.

Where you are like a gentleman, You do not have the permission required to post. Because working in a corporate office puts your family in a position, Where everything the family wants is a barrier. You can’t tear that wire and jump down anymore. You have to hold that position so you have to hold the job. In order to retain the job, you have to deposit 30 hours (not 24 hours) of your day and night in the hands of your boss. All your leisure, entertainment, desire, reluctance must be stored with it.

Working in the office all day, When you return home after eating bushes, you have to decide in your mind how to break the standard of the people in your house (wife / husband / parents / siblings / children). Because like every day you are still late to return. Suppose your fate is like that of Barack Obama or Michelle Obama, but it doesn’t matter if he or she will be happy to wait for you. Even then, when you come home, you will suffer a little self-loathing! Because you do nothing but office! He (wife) has to do all the work for such a big family. Cooking, children’s troubles, markets, school and even your advantages and disadvantages.

Then you have to understand his mood. Kids or others may or may not give you time if they wish. It depends on their mood. You’ve lost your temper since you were in the corporate world, so they’re no longer on the move! The words may seem oblique but that is the reality. What to do now? You may think that there are two paths open in front of you.

One is to maintain peace in the family by acknowledging that you are not doing anything for the family.

Two – to bring unrest in the world with your actions.

I know the first of these two paths you will choose. You are very polite. There may be holes in 22 carat gold but there is no hole in your manners. So you choose first. Moreover, your endurance and patience is the Pacific Ocean. Otherwise, you would not have survived so many years in the corporate office.

You are more accessible than the man who is digging in front of your house. In the face of the boss’s anger, the man can throw his spade and walk away, but you can’t.

What will you throw ??

If you want to throw, you have to throw your whole family – tear the high wire. Even though this world of yours hangs like a monkey on your hard neck and chews nuts all year round. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.

So where is your release?

In the words of Rabindranath –

My release is light in this sky,
My liberation is in the dust, in the dust, in the grass.
I have lost you far beyond the body,
My release floats above the melody of the song.
My release in the minds of all,
Sadness, danger, triviality, hard work.

Your release in the middle of this song. Make this song meaningful in your life. In your difficult time and you want the help of your loved one, Nature with family, Get lost in the midst of music and good work, learn to feel the danger of others, Please help if you can. You will see that you will no longer be crushed under the pressure of corporate life and family life.

If you can, help build your comrade-in-arms, Outside the house, two people work in the same rhythm, Then corporate life can no longer sit on your shoulders, You will have the courage to take the reins of corporate life.

In fact, both lives must be made equally important in its place. Problems start when one thinks life is more important. The food loses one life to another, along with the normal rhythm of life.

If you want to avoid the rhythm of life, you have to try to make both corporate and personal life rhythmic. The real life is to live in the joy of life. Life is not the name of survival. Person



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